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Posted by Jack | February 18, 2023
| Hired Attorney
A superb lawyer!
Michelle is a superb lawyer! She represented me in my divorce case and gave me peace of mind from day one. She listened well, never missed an angle, offered honest advice, and also fought fiercely on my behalf. I’ve heard her called “The Tiger Lady” by other professionals who work in her field, and I now see why: she is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and precise, a master negotiator, and a skilled litigator who knows the ins-and-outs of the courts. I highly recommend her and will certainly seek her legal counsel again should the need arise.

Posted by Sarah | September 10, 2022
| Hired Attorney
I emphatically recommend Michelle as a family law lawyer
Michelle was a tremendous gift during a most awful and unexpected divorce. I was constantly grateful for her legal expertise, quick and helpful replies, and steadfast advocacy for me as her client. It can be difficult to not get lost in the weeds and debris of a messy divorce; Michelle was excellent at navigating this terrain with discernment, diligence, and resolve to keep things moving forward and not get stuck in the mud. Michelle’s prowess and bravery in battle, not only helped my legal case significantly, but also inspired me personally while going through post separation abuse. After being betrayed by my husband, it meant a lot to be represented by a woman who is confident, compassionate, smart, and strong.

Posted by Josh | February 4, 2022
| Hired Attorney
Above and beyond
Gehris & Associates is a truly amazing law firm. They worked with us through the process of purchasing our first home and we couldn’t be happier. Everyone on their legal team was knowledgeable, communicative, efficient, and pleasant to work with. We really felt like we had someone in our corner every step of the way that was not only reliable but affordable. Will absolutely be utilizing their services again.

Posted by anonymous | December 6, 2021
| Hired Attorney
Exceptional Service and Care
Professional, responsive, informative and incredibly supportive and helpful. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation!

Posted by Lacey | April 17, 2020
| Hired Attorney
Hire her!
Michelle is absolutely incredible and has exceeded every expectation/hope I’ve ever had. She has represented me twice in family law. Divorce and custody. SHE IS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY! HIRE HER!

Posted by anonymous | February 8, 2013
What an AWESOME attorney
Michelle represented me in a divorce and child custody matter. What I liked most about her as compared to other attorneys I met with is that she was honest and to the point. She did not make promises that she could not keep, or try to paint a rosy picture. She gave me the realities of divorce. She fought for my rights, and let me know when I was not necessarily being reasonable. Unlike my first attorney, Michelle charged me fairly for the work she performed. She was able to settle my case without a trial (which my other attorney said was unavoidable). My divorce was finalized in a much shorter time than I ever imagined given the way my first attorney handled my case, and I ended up with custody of my child. I would highly recommend Michelle to anybody I know that needs an attorney.

Posted by anonymous | November 25, 2013
Great attorney…..would recommend her to anyone needing a lawyer.
Michelle represented me in a child custody case. She was always upfront and honest with me about my case. She worked very hard to help me get custody of my children.

Posted by JAY | November 26, 2013
To this day, I continue to recommend Michelle to both women and men who are getting divorced. Michelle has been representing me over the last several years. She has been one of the most honest and trustworthy lawyers I have retained. Michelle helped me in my divorce after my other 2 attorneys declined to help. Michelle ended up prevailing in my divorce trial. Two years later, I again asked Michelle to represent me, this time for child custody. She agreed and I ultimately got custody of my children (which my other attorneys said was nearly impossible for a father to get custody). Michelle was involved in my case every step of the way and would personally respond to my calls, even after hours, keeping me informed about the trail. Michelle personally showed up at every trail date throughout the years. Michelle worked tirelessly on my case which paid off for me in my favor. It’s good to know there are people (Lawyers) out there who care and take pride in their work. Thanks Michelle.