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Gehris & Associates, LLC, located in Crystal Lake and serving McHenry County, has a team of attorneys with 35 years of combined experience handling family law matters. We know the law and the courts and can guide your case through the system while representing your interests zealously. With a track record of successful outcomes, we will work confidently toward an optimal resolution of your family law matter.

Dedicated counsel assists you with all aspects of divorce

Divorce can be a difficult life transition, changing not only the family structure but the parties’ financial circumstances as well. In Illinois, a divorce can be granted if the parties cite irreconcilable differences and either you or your spouse have lived in Illinois for 90 days prior to filing for divorce. As your attorneys, we will prepare and file the necessary paperwork, comply with all relevant statutes and court rules and push for positive arrangements when it comes to the division of property, child support and parenting time. For couples who wish to work out these arrangements in advance in order to save themselves potential stress in the future, we have significant experience drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as litigating their validity when contested.

Experienced advocates assist with negotiating parental responsibility and creating parenting plans

When determining legal and physical custody, the courts in Illinois will be guided by the best interests of the child. Legal custody, which can be sole or joint, is the authority to make major life decisions on behalf of the child. Physical custody, which can also be sole or joint, determines with which parent the child will primarily reside. A parenting plan must be prepared, assigning parental responsibilities and taking into consideration continuity of care and the needs of the children as they grow. In Illinois, children over the age of 14 can choose with whom they wish to live, although a judge can overrule that choice if found to be contrary to the child’s best interests.

Zealous advocates assist with modifying or enforcing child support orders

Child support orders can be modified if there is a substantial change in the payor’s income, the child’s needs, parenting time, the payer’s marital status or other factors. Our attorneys will compile the evidence necessary to demonstrate to the court that there has been a change of circumstances that warrants a modification of an existing order.

Effectiveness in divorce mediation to achieve your goals

Mediation is often a cost-effective solution to divorce and one our firm strongly supports. Attorney Michelle Gehris is a divorce mediator with broad experience working with non-clients as a neutral third party and helping them reach agreements on important divorce-related areas, such as parenting time. She knows how to find commonality even in difficult negotiations, and her primary role is to help you and your spouse make the best decisions possible, taking into consideration your present and future needs as well as those of your children.

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