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Tiffany helps clients navigate the difficult waters of a divorce proceeding. She has experience in both presenting and defending orders of protections that often result in a dissolution case being filed. She knows when to strongly advocate and be her client’s voice in the courtroom and she also knows when to focus her efforts on a settlement agreement to resolve a dispute amicably. Often times when a dissolution is filed, a foreclosure proceeding is not far behind. Having one Attorney who is able to give you sound and reasonable advice on all potential outcomes for your situation has proved to be invaluable to our many clients that Tiffany has helped. Attorney Newton is also the head of community and charity outreach on behalf of the firm.

Speaking Engagements

  • Youth and Family Center, McHenry County, Illinois – Child Support 2022
  • Youth and Family Center, McHenry County, Illinois – Landlord Tenant Law 2021