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Elizabeth is a dedicated attorney who believes in achieving the best possible outcome for her clients while being mindful of saving both time and money. She is a strong proponent of the firm’s motto, “Efficiency. Integrity. Results.” When approaching any case, her goal is to leave her clients in a better place than they were before her involvement.

Elizabeth practices family law, estate planning and real estate transactions. Prior to that, Elizabeth spent three years doing civil defense litigation, particularly toxic tort defense and premises liability defense.

She enjoys the day-to-day work at Gehris & Associates that allows her to help individuals and ease some of the burdens of stressful life events such as divorce, custody issues, planning for the future, and buying or selling your home. She understands that purchasing a home can be exciting but can also be an extremely stressful event. Elizabeth aims to minimize the stress of buying or selling a home and will deal with the back-and-forth scheduling and negotiations for you.

Outside of the workplace, Elizabeth loves volunteering at a local animal shelter and assisting in veterinary medical care.