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Child Support

Child support can be awarded on temporary or permanent basis.  Temporary support is awarded in cases to provide support to one parent from the other while the underlying litigation is pending, and prior to final adjudication of the issues before the Court.  Permanent support is generally awarded until the parties' minor children have graduated high school and turned 18 years of age, or until they have turned 19 years of age, whichever occurs first.  In awarding child support , judges in Illinois are required to follow certain guidelines as to the minimum support amount, unless they find that a deviation from the guidelines is appropriate after considering the best interest of the child. 

Those guidelines are as follows:

Number of Children                          Percent of Supporting Party's Net Income

1                                                          20%

2                                                          28%

3                                                          32%

4                                                          40%

5                                                          45%

6 or more                                            50%

As always, there exceptions to these general guidelines, so if you have questions or concerns, please call (815) 893-0020 to speak to one of our skilled family law attorneys.

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